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Our Story

The COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the need for access to health care.

​At the end of April 2021, India encountered a second coronavirus wave that has been a devastating crisis with the actual infection rate and death toll going uncounted.

​COVID Connect platform came about because health professionals and researchers living in Australia wanted to support and help the current situation.

We saw the need to create a platform to train health care providers, provide peer to peer support and communicate about prevention and control of COVID-19.

Coming from a research and health background, we believe in using evidence based care.

COVID Connect is a platform that brings volunteer healthcare providers, researchers and communities together - connect with us.


How can you help?

Indian Medical Graduates based in Australia - there are a number of ways to get involved. We provide training on COVID related topics, and volunteering can range from providing support to your peers, to connecting with community health workers and people in need.

Click on this link to register your interest with us.

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